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Cardhu 14 Year Old (2019)


ABV: 55.0%

Distillation Year: 2004

Casks: Double matured in Ex-Amontillado hogsheads 

Region: Speyside

Place Of Origin: Knockando 

Availability: 4,860 Bottles

Bottle Size: 700ml

This small batch Cardhu has been finished in Amontillado sherry-seasoned hogsheads for two years, giving the casks time to slowly impart their richness and intensity, wrapping the elegance of Cardhu in a cloak of exquisite beauty. 


Rich aromas of grape, peach and cherry dance together in a nose that soon turns floral.


The texture is creamy-smooth, the taste crisp with over-ripened pear fruit and sweet with the richness of soft fudge. 


A spicy finish with a pleasant dryness that lingers on the tongue.

Cardhu 14 Year Old (2019)

Cardhu 14 Year Old (2019)