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The Singleton

The Singleton of Glen Ord 18 Year Old (2019)


Distillery: Glen Ord

Whisky Type: Single Malt

Region: Highland

Strength: 55.0%

Maturation: From fresh charred american oak hogsheads


Availability: Limited quantities worldwide 

Bottle Size: 700ml 

The Singleton of Glen Ord is particularly known for its rich and fruity distillery character, which on this occasion, has been enriched by a different, more intense maturation process. 

This small batch release of The Singleton of Glen Ord has been matured for a full 18 years in freshly charred American oak hogsheads which combines a smooth and balanced profile with subtle complex aromas and intensely spicy tastes.

The wood type used is very unique for a whisky of this age and certainly not something often seen, as the use of freshly-charred wood gives a much more overtly wooded flavour.

Flavour Profile: Nose

The subtle aroma suggests nougat, with traces of dried apple, on a zesty orange peel base.

Flavour Profile: Palate

The compelling and powerful taste starts with the sweetness of caramel toffee, the orange peel introduces a surprising intensity that swells with complex spices.

Flavour Profile: Finish

The finish is long and leaves the palate tingling.

    The Singleton of Glen Ord 18 Year Old (2019).

    The Singleton of Glen Ord 18 Year Old (2019)