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Collectivum XXVIII.
Collectivum XXVIII.


Collectivum XXVIII


Distillery: All 28 operational single malt distilleries currently owned by DIAGEO

Whisky Type: Blended Malt

Region: All

Strength: 57.30%

Age: Non Age Statement

Maturation: Various casks of wood type, shape and style

Bottle Size: 700ml


For those of us not au fait with Roman numerals, XXVIII translates as 28, the number referring to the amount of different distilleries used to curate this magnificent blend. Including single malts from iconic distilleries such as Glen Ord, Royal Lochnagar, Caol Ila and Lagavulin (amongst 24 others) this limited release from 2017 series of Special Releases is truly a once in a lifetime blend. 

Flavour Profile: Nose

Although the overall aroma is tightly knit, ginger tones do instantly emerge, paving the way for delicately perfumed tonic, autumnal leaves & a note of toffee. Over time, more herbal keys are played alongside a sprinkle of mint.

Flavour Profile: Palate

Delicately weighted bites of aniseed and caramel provide an intensely enjoyable creamy mouthfeel. There are magical combinations of allspice and clove that never threaten to overwhelm.

Flavour Profile: Finish

Warm spices and buttery pastry carry through a medium length finish with light, swirling smoke.

Collectivum XXVIII.

Collectivum XXVIII