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Johnnie Walker King George V.
Johnnie Walker King George V.

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker King George V


Distillery: Johnnie Walker

Whisky Type: Blended Whisky

Region: Various

Strength: 43% 

Age: Unknown

Barrels used in the Aging: Unknown

Bottle Size: 750ml


Founded back in 1820, Johnnie Walker and Sons is one of Scotland’s most celebrated whisky brands. So much so that in 1934, King George V awarded the Ayrshire producer a Royal Warrant, the highest recognition a trade can receive from a monarch in Britain. To celebrate this little piece of history, the company’s current team has produced a Johnnie Walker King George V offering. It’s made of whiskies produced in distilleries that operated during George’s reign (1910-1936), some of which are now defunct, adding further to its charm and rarity. The single malt is majestic like George himself, with a wide range of stunning aromas that deliver notes of toasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate and honey. 


Flavour Profile: Nose

Intensely smoky initial aroma slowly sweetening into notes of apple, banana & Christmas cake. A touch of floral orange recedes quickly to make way for rich dried fruit & spice.

Flavour Profile: Palate

Grand yet elegant with bold sweet fruit & rich vanilla, beautifully offset with a dry, light smoke & a little spice. Later, notes of sandalwood, honey & allspice. 

Flavour Profile: Finish

Long, warm & satisfying. A rich peaty finish with a lingering flow of caramel & biscuit.

Johnnie Walker King George V.

Johnnie Walker King George V