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Lagavulin 12 Year Old (2019)


Distillery: Lagavulin

Whisky Type: Single Malt

Region: Islay

Strength: 56.5%

Maturation: Refill American oak casks of high peating levels

Availability: Limited Quantities Worldwide

Bottle Size: 700ml


Lagavulin is an iconic Islay malt, its intense and smoky spirit  steeped in history for over 200 years. The distillery itself is nestled in a rocky bay still dominated by a ruined castle that was once home to the Lords of the isle.

Selected for its high peating level, this unique and small batch of Lagavulin has been matured in traditional refill American oak casks; the result is a perfect expression of distillery character, rounded yet proudly dimmed by time.



Clean and grassy top notes reminiscent of dentists’ mouthwash and medicine cupboards are followed by more mineral, maritime aromas of sea air, rope, and sand all upon the ashy base of a recently extinguished fire.


Smooth in texture, intensely sweet and very smoky. A little salt, no pepper. Benchmark distillery character throughout, exactly as expected from a Lagavulin 12


Long, warming and lightly drying, leaving the breath smoky. With water, sweeter and smoother though the smokiness reasserts itself at the close.


Lagavulin 12 Year Old (2019).

Lagavulin 12 Year Old (2019)