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Mortlach Rare Old
Mortlach Rare Old


Mortlach Rare Old


Distillery: Mortlach

Whisky Type: Single Malt

Region: Speyside

Strength: 43.40%

Age: Rare Old

Barrels used in the Aging: Refill American oak.

Bottle Size: 500ml


Mortlach is one of the more highly regarded distilleries in Dufftown, and this Rare Old bottle is one of the main reasons. In the past, Mortlach releases have been sporadic, and this expression was actually bottled in 2014. It has matured in sherry and bourbon casks to give light yet complex taste. It has a rich, full palate with hints of  spices and ground cinnamon, with a dry almost peppery finish. It is also presented in a beautiful decanter that would sit confidently as the center-piece of any spirit collection.


Flavour Profile: Nose

A sticky herbaceousness leaps out of the glass. It’s floral & fruity, with gooseberries, salted caramel, orange zest & a sweet spiciness all appearing very soon. Given time more delicate flavours appear, white grape, melon & lychee with a sweet cinnamon spice.

Flavour Profile: Palate

Lighter & more delicate than expected. Developing slowly over 5 - 10 minutes moving though milky coffee, cherry & biscuit with a touch of smoke. Like the nose fruit & spice are present, with with a fruity sharpness developing, apple perhaps, joined by cinnamon syrup & oak.

Flavour Profile: Finish

Maturity is obvious. Polished oak, a gentle wood spice & rich earthiness linger.

Mortlach Rare Old

Mortlach Rare Old