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Oban 21 Year old
Oban 21 Year old


Oban 21 Year old


Distillery: Oban

Whisky Type: Single Malt

Region: Highland

Strength: 57.90%

Age: 21 Year Old

Barrels used in the Aging: Refill European oak butts.

Bottle Size: 700ml


If you’re into rare malts, then they don’t come much rarer than this 21-Year-Old offering from the celebrated Oban distillery in Scotland’s west highlands. What is unique about this bottle is that Oban has stepped outside of their traditional tried and tested range to produce a much older bottle. There’s a spicy nuttiness to the palate, which is captivating. But once it is in the glass its character really comes to the fore, with an explosion of notes that easily make it one of the most intriguing whiskies on the market today. 


Flavour Profile: Nose

Green & jazzy, fresh leaves & newly cut grass open with style. A burst of zesty citrus & fuji apples ensue before exiting through a bouquet of florality.

Flavour Profile: Palate

Deep, rich red fruits open the palate. Blood orange & raspberry introduce keys of baked cinnamon spice, pepper & toasted nuts.

Flavour Profile: Finish

An epicly enduring finish of orange, spice & nuts. A subtle, sweet smoke is peppered with hints of warm sand & singed grass.

Oban 21 Year old

Oban 21 Year old