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Talisker 15 Year Old (2019)


ABV: 57.3%

Distillation Year: 2002

Casks: From freshly charred American oak hogsheads

Region: Isle Of Skye

Place of Origin: Carbost

Availability: Limited quantities worldwide

Bottle Size: 700ml

Talisker has been part of life on the shores of Skye since 1830 and today is the island’s oldest working distillery. Famous the world over for a full bodied, rich character and powerful peppery finale, it is made by the sea, a fact that is self evident every time you take a sip of this iconic malt.

This is the first-ever release of Talisker as a 15 year old whisky. Matured only in freshly charred American oak hogsheads, they have imbued the sweetness, depth of taste and complexity of the mature distillery character with a fresh intensity.


The aroma is maritime, with notes of sea salt, dry seaweed, boat varnish and warm sand, on a base of smouldering peat.


The texture is smooth, the taste unexpectedly sweet with hints of charred pineapple before a growing spiciness comes through with a pinch of salt and chilli pepper.


The finish is long, spicy and drying.

Talisker 15 Year Old (2019)

Talisker 15 Year Old (2019)