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Natural Cask Strength

Straight from the barrel — discover cask strength whisky Cask strength whisky is bottled as it is drawn from the barrel, unfiltered and undiluted. The process for most whiskies that aren’t cask strength, sees filtered water added as a way to lower their alcohol volume before bottling. Diluting the spirit enables the distilleries to achieve a consistent alcohol level and desired flavor profile in their bottlings.  As a consequence of having skipped the dilution and filtration process, cask strength whisky has a higher ABV and offers a richer, mouth coating profile. While whisky is typically around the 40% - 46% ABV mark, cask strength whisky generally ranges from 48% - 50% and above and can even go as high as 75% ABV. For this reason, cask strength whisky is regarded as a true connoisseur drink and is renowned for packing a punch. Strong, intense and pure When you open a bottle of cask strength whisky and take a sip, it is as if you are drinking it straight from the barrel. Enjoy the unprecedented richness of its full flavour and experience a natural mouthfeel of whisky in its purest form. Once you get past the initial hit of alcohol, the intense and robust flavours will expand in your mouth, completely unmitigated. Whether you decide to add any water or not is entirely up to you. Cask strength whiskies truly are the drink of choice for the hardy purists and more experienced collectors. Rare and collectable cask strength whisky in Australia Cask strength whisky bottles are rare and in demand, as distilleries do not commonly produce them. In order to be left undiluted and not chill-filtered, the whisky needs to be of exceptional quality. Moreover, the bottles are filled with whisky in its purest form, driving the cost of production higher and increasing their final price.   If you are looking for the best range of cask strength whiskies in Australia, you are in the right place. Browse our range today or get in touch with our whisky experts for advice and recommendations. Take a tour of our other collections, including most popular, limited release and new vintage whisky for more rare and premium whiskies. From single malt and single grain whisky to blends, we have something that will appeal to whisky enthusiasts and beginner drinkers alike.