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The Cally

The Cally 40 Year old


Distillery: The Cally

Whisky Type: Single Grain

Region: Scotland

Strength: 53.3%

Age: 40 Year Old

Maturation: Not Specified

Availability: 5,060 released globally

Bottle Size: 700ml


This Cally 40-Year-Old is only the second-ever single grain whisky to make it into a Special Series. Distilled in 1974, in the now-defunct Caledonian distillery near Edinburgh, it is one of the oldest whiskies on the market and will quite literally never be repeated. Not only does it tick every box in the nose, texture and finish, but its rarity means that you’re taking home the whisky equivalent of pure gold.  


Flavour Profile: Nose

Full of classic grain whisky character The Cally opens with freshly varnished wood & polish. Soon after comes some maturity, lighter notes pepper & spice with a beautiful salted caramel richness.

Flavour Profile: Palate

Warming & intense. Thick toffee & burnt sugar up front with sea salt & butter baked apples. Raisin turns into fruitcake as it develops in the glass, with bitter caramel, oak, dates & cinnamon.

Flavour Profile: Finish

Creamy vanilla does take centre stage but if you look for it you'll find lots of spice, cinnamon & allspice, becoming lighter & fading through nutmeg to a nicely sour end.

The Cally 40 Year old.

The Cally 40 Year old