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Cragganmore Cask Strength (2016)
Cragganmore Cask Strength (2016)


Cragganmore Cask Strength (2016)


Distillery: Cragganmore

Whisky Type: Single Malt

Region: Speyside

Strength: 55.70%

Age: Unknown

Barrels used in the Aging: American oak hogsheads (refill and rejuvenated), European oak ex-bodega

Bottle Size: 700ml


Known for their unique tastes and master distillers, Cragganmore are one of the big hitters in Speyside’s rich and vibrant whisky industry. This cask strength vintage 2016 bottle was distilled in 1985. It’s incredibly rare, and presented in a signature rounded bottle unusually different to other scotches. It’s hard to get a rundown of exactly how it tastes as it’s so bloody rare, but our collective forecast is - completely incredible!


Flavour Profile: Nose

Softly fresh, with traces of beeswax then orange zest and fruit salad on a malty base. With time, a beautifully balancing spicy and acidity appears. Much later, it's clean and dry, with dried herbs and a marzipan sweetness.

Flavour Profile: Palate

In the mouth there's a smooth, rich texture with a sweet start, intense and fragrant. Soon, it becomes cedar-dry and aromatic.

Flavour Profile: Finish

The finish is long, warming and cleansing, growing charred, rounded and drying.

Cragganmore Cask Strength (2016)

Cragganmore Cask Strength (2016)